Destan Trailer With English Subtitles

Tv Series “Destan” Ebru Sahin and Edip Tepeli star in the lead roles, depicts epic love between Akkiz, the legendary warrior mountain girl orphaned by Gok hakan Kurkut Han in the steppes of central asia and Gok Tegini Batuga. Batuga was also orphaned by Kurkut Han in the Gok Palace. Love helps Akkiz and Gok Tegini Batuga achieve the impossible goal by making their hearts and swords as shields.

It is the story, which took place in 750 AD during the spread of Islam and it was in an environment where Turks started to meet Islam. Central Asian culture will be focused.

It is supposed to be another masterpiece from the producer of Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman – Mehmet Bozdag.


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